An innovative consolidation tool for multi­dimensional context-based analysis


Threat-Guard allows the processing and merging of internal and external data sources based on the Big Data Analysis & Processing Patents of the MIOvantage platform.

Threat-Guard was developed after a comprehensive market analysis had come to the conclusion that there was no real functioning solution on the market, which, for example, brings together security-relevant newsletters, alerts, RSS feeds, incident reporting tools and databases in a single tool for those responsible for corporate and group security, and makes them available on a single platform.

In addition, Threat-Guard offers the possibility to merge data and information from topics outside of security in just one tool. This makes it possible for the first time to provide various specialist departments within the company, such as Corporate Security, Compliance, Corporate Communications & Branding, Corporate Human Resources and others, with a common platform for knowledge transfer and comparison.

All context synthesis, both in the sense of data processing and in the context of provision, is oriented towards the requirements of the general data protection regulations and other legal requirements such as the Works Constitution Act.


Added Value

  • Determine customer requirements in direct exchange
  • Demand- and as-is analysis
  • Individual accompanying system integration
  • Process optimization, individualization and customization


Kontext synthesis

  • Merging of several reports of the same situation into one report
  • Targeted data consolidation and topic-related context formation
  • Spatially precise allocation of messages based on geo-fencing data records
  • Updating of the event and thus individual recall ability by the responsible person
  • Automatic merging of external and internal data sources, e. g. location information and anonymous employee data in order to assess the (negative) potential of an event

graphical user interface / usability

  • Graphical evaluation and display of all hits / data e. g. on a world map in the dashboard
  • Simple and user-friendly operation
  • Customization of the dashboard according to CI / CD of the customer
  • Worldwide use on all technical end devices such as desktop computers, notebooks, tablets, smartphones …


Location determination

An event can often not be assigned to the right place and exact location in a reasonable time.  This may be due to the lack of accuracy caused by the event itself being reported or due to the different information given either in the coordinates, the name of the location or the region.

For companies, a common solution is to search for the location via online map services and then possibly find out that the event is far from the company’s own locations.

Threat-Guard solves this challenge by locating all events directly, even without specifying coordinates. The events are then displayed directly on a world map. It is therefore immediately clear in which region an event takes place or has taken place.


In the case of larger events, which often last for days or weeks, permanent monitoring and evaluation is of relevance. For companies, this is currently done by manually entering new messages for the event in question. For this purpose, all messages must be evaluated and correctly assigned.

The example of the last hurricane season in the USA shows that new hurricanes have arisen over weeks at different locations, all of which have to be monitored in the course of the season in order to be able to detect possible impacts at an early stage.

The Threat-Guard solution uses the patented contextualization of the MIOvantage platform to combine multiple messages into the same events and display the most up-to-date information at any time.

It is also possible to hide or block individual events for certain employees, groups or whole departments, so that their resources are not tied up by these events. If the relevance of the event to these employees, groups or departments changes, they are automatically notified.


Previously, all events in the company had to be evaluated manually or the staff had to rely on the evaluation of a commercial alert provider.

For this purpose, Threat-Guard offers the possibility to use internal data sources such as locations and/or employee information to make an initial impact assessment of an event.

This approach provides the optimal basis for the internal evaluation of managers according to specific internal regulations.



  • Contents of external alert providers must be evaluated manually to determine whether they are relevant for corporate security and the own company
  • Frequently different information on the same events
  • Manual consolidation time-consuming and error-prone
  • Data sources are brought together using the patented MIOvantage platform
  • Several messages for the same event are automatically combined (context creation)
  • Events only need to be evaluated once
  • Events remain up to date with the latest information
  • Due to the simple consolidation, more sources can be connected without any problems (e. g. also regional sources)
  • Alerts must be evaluated according to location or affected employees, but this information is not available for the alert provider
  • Connection of internal data sources possible without problems e. g. location information or anonymous employee / traveler information (e. g. flight data, route…)
  • With the help of the internal data sources, new alerts can receive an automated (not final) risk assessment
  • Commercial alert providers often only deliver textual newsletters; locality is so often difficult to determine
  • With many current alerts, the overview can be lost
  • Simple, clear interface for displaying all alerts on a world map
  • Comprehensive filter options for alerts by region, type of alert, meaning for the own company, etc.
  • Together with internal data sources, locations and/or employees can be displayed (anonymously if necessary)
  • Rapid locating of alerts
  • How do I get my employees informed as soon as possible about a threat situation?
  • How can I track down my employees in an emergency?
  • Mobile App for employee-smartphones
  • Variant of the dash board for “person responsible”, as well as a simple variant for employees who can only receive alerts.
  • Optionally, the employees could be located in an emergency by the app (Important: No permanent surveillance!)

Threat-Guard Customer Program

As part of our quality management program, we are constantly striving to optimize both the Threat-Guard tool and our own customer service. Therefore, we offer selected customers the opportunity to participate in our Threat-Guard customer program.

For industrial companies with an international orientation, we offer special conditions in cooperation with the use of the tool for a limited period of time “active collaboration & real cooperation” to optimize the tool.

Your input as customer and user is important to us!

We would like to know your requirements in order to further optimize the tool. At the end of the process, we come up with a solution that is customized to your highly individual needs. A real added value for your company!

Are you interested in joining the Threat-Guard customer program? Talk to us about it!

We would be happy to show you what we mean by “active cooperation & real cooperation”.

Privatimus & MIOsoft

Privatimus GmbH, a German security consultancy specialized in strategic protection concepts and strategies for corporate clients, NGO´s, asset management and family offices, and MIOsoft GmbH, one of the leading providers of Big Data Analysis & Processing Solutions, are pooling their expertise in the joint project “Threat Guard”.


What worldwide patents is MIOvantage based on?
Which data protection regulations are applied or taken into account?

We comply with DSGVO / GDPR requirements.

Do the sources or information to be processed have to be in a certain format?

No, our technology allows all formats to be integrated.

Can additional news services or alerts from third parties be included and processed?

Yes, that’s possible. Additional costs may apply by the alert providers to be able to process the data further and internally.

Where are the data and the tool hosted?

Exclusively in the EU. Either at MIOsoft in Germany, at your company or at secure third-party providers.

In which languages is the Threat-Guard dashboard available?

By default, in German and English. Upon request and for a separate charge, we will be happy to provide other languages according to your needs.

In which languages must the sources be available?

By default, in German and English. Other language sources can also be included on request and for a separate charge.

Who can participate in the customer program?

Industrial companies with an international orientation.

What does the multiplier partner program for service providers and consulting firms include?

The multiplier and partner program is a white label solution for medium-sized and large service companies. We are happy to be available for further dialogue with interested suppliers.

Your Threat-Guard Contacts

  • Sven Leidel
    Sven Leidel Corporate Security Solutions
  • Nils Vorholt
    Nils Vorholt Corporate Solutions

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